Blitzscaling: Building Your Business Scaling Plan

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Course Details

  • Date

  • 27 October 2022, Thursday
  • Schedule

  • 10am - 12pm: Workshop 1 - Preparing for Scaling
  • 12pm - 1pm: Buffet Lunch and Networking
  • 1pm - 3pm: Activity 1 - Bitzscaling your Business
  • 3pm - 4pm: Networking Session
  • Delivery Method

  • Live Seminar
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  • 30% discounts (RM1059) available for early registration.
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Workshop Details:

The workshop focuses on crafting a Blitzscaling plan with a constructive in-person session. In just one day, business owners are able to learn how to scale their businesses to a higher level through engaging with experienced entrepreneurs and business innovators, hands-on activity to enhance strategic thinking and processes as well as group discussions among participants from different industries.

According to Reid Hoffman, who helped founded Paypal and LinkedIn, as well as an early investor of Facebook, Blitzscaling is what you do when you need to grow really, really quickly. It’s the science and art of rapidly building out a company to serve a large and usually global market, with the goal of becoming the first mover at scale. This is high-impact entrepreneurship. These kinds of companies always create a lot of the jobs and industries of the future. For example, Amazon essentially invented e-commerce. Today, it has over 150,000 employees and has created countless jobs at Amazon sellers and partners. Google revolutionized how we find information—it has over 60,000 employees and has created many more jobs at its AdWords and AdSense partners.

Workshop 1

Preparing for Scaling
Instructors: Jeslin Bay, Paddy Tan
Intended Outcome:
  • Attendees have a clearer understanding of business directions and establish benchmarks to meet business objectives
  • Planning to implement strategic tools across the organisation
Programme Overview 
Identifying the type of growth and designing offering, business model, and revenue model to scale
  • Topics may include:
  • Understand Blitzscaling strategies
  • Managing people and preparing the team for scaling
  • Optimising product mix
  • Tackling challenges in the process systematically
  • Harnessing exponential business growth

Activity 1

Developing Fundraising Plan 
Instructors: Jeslin Bay, Paddy Tan
Intended Outcome:
  • Attendees to think out of box on possible growth strategies that they can apply to their business
  • To get some feedback from the peers
  • To optimise the use of resources
Programme Overview 
To map out strategies to exponentially grow one’s business

Step 1: Brainstorming

  • Identify current industrial barriers to the business
  • Map out strategies that help one maximise the four growth factors of Biltzscaling: (1) Network effects (2) Market size (3) Distribution (4) High gross margins

Step 2: Share your Plan

  • Bounce your ideas with your peers by sharing your Bitzscaling strategies

Step 3: Answer Tough Questions

  • Provoke your thoughts with tough questions from your peers

Paddy Tan

Managing Partner, BlackStorm Consulting
Paddy is a business and technical strategist armed with over 15 years of experience helping companies propel to a greater height. His love for technology is rivalled only by his passion for business.

Being a serial entrepreneur and investor, Paddy dissects a challenge into pieces and formulate solutions from various perspectives. He also advises business leaders on strategic planning and positioning, helping them increase profitability and pivot their business to gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries.
  • University of Western Sydney
  • Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Engineering (2001)
  • Singapore Polytechnic 
  • Materials Engineering, Materials Engineering (1997)
  • Curtin University: E-commerce and Entrepreneurship
  • Singapore Institute of Materials Management: eCommerce 
  • INSEAD – Entrepreneurship
  • HYPE – Southeast Asia (Seasonal)
  • Nanyang Technological University Career & Attachment (Seasonal)
  • IAPS (Seasonal)
  • Nanyang Polytechnic (Seasonal)
  • 2018 - Present: Managing Partner, BlackStorm Consulting Pte Ltd  
  • 2011 – Present: CEO & Executive Director, BST Consulting Pte Ltd
  • 2013 – 2016: 1st Vice President, Mobile Alliance Singapore
  • 2005 – 2011: CEO & Founder, BAK2u Pte Ltd (Sold)

Jeslin Bay

Managing Partner, BlackStorm Consulting
About Jeslin
Jeslin Bay is the Managing Partner of BlackStorm Consulting. As a business scaler, she has expertise in business partnerships, human resources, market entry, and business structuring in Southeast Asia. She also co-founded a fashion brand, SHINE APART, specialising in loud outerwear, stylish and yet professional pieces.

Being trained in operations and organisation management, Jeslin also conducts deep analytical dives into target subject matter, both internally and externally. Her responsibilities also include formulating frameworks and business tools to provide objective and innovative solutions to the clientele and business development.
  • National University of Singapore
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons), Operations and Supply Chain Management, and Management and Human Capital (2017)
  • Singapore Polytechnic
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology (2014) 
  • Client Training: Marketing for Fundraising  
  • Client Training: Leadership
  • Client Training: Scaling
  • Client Training: HR Management 
  • HYPE Sports Innovation (Seasonal)
  • IAPS (Seasonal)
  • Nanyang Polytechnic (Seasonal)
  • Techstars (Seasonal)
  • 2018 - Present: Managing Partner, BlackStorm Consulting Pte Ltd  
  • 2020 - Present: Co-founder, SHINE APART
  • 2018 - 2018: Senior Business Analyst, InterVentures Asia

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