Continuity Professional Education for C-Level & Experts 

Offering you a wide variety of development courses to help you stay ahead of evolving trends as leaders while staying relevant in the industry via Continuing Professional Education Credits. 
Exclusive courses to keep you ahead of the game! 

Scaling Your Business 101

Technology adoption is flowing into almost every level of a business, requiring leaders to make new decisions with new risks. As leaders and decision-makers, for your businesses to survive and grow, you need to be prepared to explore unconventional and innovative options and willing to pivot from the security of structured forecasts and plans. Learn more on how to minimize risks while scaling your operations now with CPE claimable points.

Master the Key Strategies in Fundraising

Fundraising is more than just raising money to finance your business operation; it lays the foundation for subsequent fundraising rounds. It is seal of approval to your business ideal, revenue model, and the team behind it. Learn the essential terminologies, available funding options and connecting with stakeholders with this session while claiming CPE points.

Making Successful Business Deals in Southeast Asia

Market Entry is a multi-level activity involving multiple strategic business decisions with the need to develop and re-evaluate products or services and its positioning in the market. Learn how to prepare your business to enter the Southeast Asian Market in specific by learning to identify, research, review and internalize key areas of your business to the market, now with CPE claimable points.

Artificial Intelligence in Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) has a wide range of uses in businesses, including streamlining job processes and aggregating business data. Rather than serving as a replacement for human intelligence and ingenuity, AI is generally seen as a supporting tool. AI software’s process tones of data and provide business owners with a synthesized courses of action and help them to game out possible consequences of each action and streamline the decision-making process.

Learn more on how you can make well calculated decisions to propel your business forward, fully driven by Data.

Incident Response for Business Professionals

Learn the best practices, methods, and procedures in aligning your business with industry frameworks alongside resources to help you comply with legislative requirements regarding incident response. As a CPE points claimable programme, you will be prepared for the CertNexus Incident Responder Credential (CIR-110) and will be able to manage general mitigation methods and devices.


The Skills Accelerator of The BEYOND4 Ecosystem

Upskilling has become an important response to ongoing technological developments. Companies must continue to consider human capital investment as an asset and future proof their talent.

Industry Pioneers &

As pioneers of the ecosystem with over 2 decades of experience, we are the leading Skilling & Certification partner to The BEYOND4 Ecosystem. 

End- to-End Solution for Talent

The BEYOND4 Ecosystem is an Intelligently Multi-Tier Accelerator Ecosystem designed to accelerate the Talent & Startup Landscape Regionally 

Talent & Startup Acceleration

Our core goal is to accelerate the TALENT DNA by identifying different types of Talent DNA, aligning the right upskilling efforts, equipping them with the skills to maximise their potentials and nurturing premium talent towards high-end innovation
Alternate self-paced learning with hands-on workshop while experimenting & getting immediate feedback.

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Offering you a wide variety of development courses to help you stay  ahead of evolving trends as leaders while staying relevant in the industry via Continuing Professional Education Credits.

Exclusive courses to keep you ahead of the game!
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